Regol Ceramics

20 foot long pipe sections cast in one operation without seams.
Bends, TEE’s, Wear Backs, and No Glue Fiber-Backed Plates

We have two main ceramic products, REGOL C97 and REGOL SC . REGOL C97 is our alumina based ceramic. REGOL SC is our silica carbide based ceramic for high temperature applications. Both grades can be cast with steel fibers to increase impact resistance.

Typical Technical Data

Wear Resistance DIN 52108:

Maximum Service Temperature:

Maximum Particle Size:


Compressive Strength (NS 3049):

@ 2 Days

@ 28 Days

Cold Crushing Strength (ASTM C1330):

Dry @ 110º C

Dry @ 600º C

Fire @ 1000º C

Flexural Strength (ASTM C133):

@ 2 Days

@ 28 Days

Modulus of Rupture (ASTM C1333):

Fire @ 600º C

 Regol C 97

0.8 mm

1200º C

5.0 mm

2.85 kg/dm3


145 MPa

180 MPa


210 MPa

210 MPa

155 MPa


14 MPa

22 MPa


20 MPa

 Regol SC

0.2 mm

2200º C

4.0 mm

2.7 kg/dm3


120 MPa

175 MPa


190 MPa

210 MPa

145 MPa


12 MPa

19 MPa


17 MPa

Pipes: Standard with Sch. 40 wall. 3″ and larger. 20′ length.

Information required for quotation:
Material type and size, gradation, velocity, pneumatic or slurry, heat, pH-value, O.D. and I.D. , Flange or connection type, Center Line radius for bends.

Plates: 1 / 4″ to 2″ thick ceramic with 1 / 2″ Bonded Fiber Backing 30″ x 48″

Our No Glue Ceramic Plates have female connectors bonded into the custom impact resistant fiber backing for quick and easy installation. This offers Less Cost per sq. ft. on material and installation. Custom sizes and shapes will be produced to your prints and specifications.