Regol 400 BHN

Color Code Brown | Abrasion Resistant Wear Plate
REGOL 400 with its high hardness and toughness and incorporating an advanced alloy combination has been engineered to offer the ultimate in abrasion shock and impact resistance. One inch mild steel plate, in many applications, can be replaced with one- half inch REGOL 400. Sustained abrasion will be counteracted by REGOL 400’s work hardening properties, and will last 4 to 8 times longer than mild steel plate in most cases.


Tensile: 224,000 PSI
Yield: 176,000 PSI
Hardness: 400 BHN
Elongation: 12%
Burning: REGOL 400 can be easily cut with natural gas or acetylene. No reheating is necessary after cutting. Normalizing is recommended if machining is close to torch cut edges.
Welding: Suggested welding rods are AWS E12015, E30816, E10015, E10016, E6015, E6016 or 7018 low hydrogen high tensile rod. Over 3/4″ thick, preheating to 200/300 ºF is recommended but not required.


REGOL 400 requires 3-4 times greater pressure than mild steel plate in forming. Exercise caution in cold forming where there are small radii or square corners.